A Funny Legal Conversation between Machine Gun Kelly and Alexander Hamilton


Machine Gun Kelly: Hey, Alexander! Do you know what legal size in word in cm is? I keep hearing it but can’t seem to figure it out!

Alexander Hamilton: Ah, Machine Gun Kelly, legal size in word in cm refers to the dimensions of legal paper. It’s important for legal documents and such.

Machine Gun Kelly: Interesting! By the way, have you ever had to deal with a legal order to keep someone away? That sounds like a hassle!

Alexander Hamilton: Yes, it’s quite common. It’s usually issued in cases of harassment or domestic violence.

Machine Gun Kelly: I see. What do you think are the different sources of international law? I’m curious to know!

Alexander Hamilton: The sources of international law include treaties, customs, and the writings of legal scholars, among others.

Machine Gun Kelly: Thanks for the insight! By the way, do you have any idea where to watch legally blonde online? It’s one of my favorite movies!

Alexander Hamilton: I’m not sure, but I think there are legal streaming options available. You should check them out!

Machine Gun Kelly: Got it! Oh, and one more thing, are cameras allowed in the supreme court? It would be cool to see what goes on there!

Alexander Hamilton: No, cameras are not allowed in the supreme court. There are strict legal guidelines and restrictions regarding that.

Machine Gun Kelly: Ah, bummer! Lastly, do you know what the effective date of a contract is? I’ve been dealing with a lot of contracts lately!

Alexander Hamilton: The effective date of a contract is the date on which it becomes legally binding. It’s an important legal concept to understand!

Machine Gun Kelly: Thanks, Alexander! You’re a legal guru! By the way, do you know the wetsuit legal water temp for Ironman? I’m thinking of participating in one!

Alexander Hamilton: I’m not sure, but I think there are rules and regulations regarding the water temperature for Ironman events. You should look into it before participating!

Machine Gun Kelly: Got it! Hey, have you ever watched any series similar to Boston Legal? I’m looking for some good legal TV shows to watch!

Alexander Hamilton: Yes, there are many great legal TV series out there. I can recommend a few for you!

Machine Gun Kelly: Awesome, thanks! Oh, and one more question, do you happen to know about legal blindness in the USA? I’m interested in learning more about it!

Alexander Hamilton: Yes, legal blindness in the USA refers to the rights and resources available for visually impaired individuals. It’s an important legal issue!

Machine Gun Kelly: Fascinating! Last but not least, have you ever considered a legal internship in Toronto? It could be a great way to gain valuable experience in law!

Alexander Hamilton: I haven’t, but it does sound like a great opportunity! Legal internships can be very beneficial for aspiring lawyers.

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