Legal Raps


Yo, listen up I got the scoop, Legal age to date in Japan, that’s the truth,
Understand the laws and regulations,
Before you jump into relations.

Ontario property, yo, you wanna buy?
Learn the legal description abbreviations, don’t be shy,
It’s key to know what you’re getting into,
Before you sign that contract, that’s what’s true.

In Colorado, there’s a law for dog bites,
If a dog chomps, you gotta report it right,
Check out the Colorado dog bite reporting law,
So you know what to do, and you won’t have a flaw.

Got a tax test coming up, feeling stressed?
Take a tax practice test, be your best,
Ace that exam, no need to fret,
Just stay focused, and you’ll be all set.

Effective tax rate, what’s that about?
Check out this guide, no need to pout,
Get the lowdown on the typical effective tax rate,
So you can plan your finances and feel great.

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